For Small Business

Get access to high value data without hiring dedicated teams of developers and data analysts. We take care of all the tracking and present the results in stunning charts to you can quickly get insights that matter.

For Big Business

Collect data from your users across locations and devices, then use segments to drill down into the data you're most interested in. We also store your data for 12 months, so you can collect now and analyze later.

For Owners

Get access to analytics that can help grow your business, by getting to know exactly how your users behave. Use the data to get specific feedback and help improve conversions through engagement.

For Agencies

Create multiple projects and invite your team to join. You can invite new teammates to join anytime, and remove them when they no longer need access. Plus, you'll have full control over which projects they can access.

For Consultants

Focus on what you do best, and let us take care of the data collection. Then when you're ready to start analyzing we'll show your results in the stunning dashboard. Perfect for presenting to clients.

For Everyone Else

Data driven are key to achieving a competitive advantage. We make that process easier, by collecting and analyzing data easier so you don't have to. We've replaced spreadsheets with stunning dashboards.