The Complete Behavioral Analytics Platform

How it works?


Collect Data

Get started in less than 1 minute. Join now, then add the unique Upify tracking code to your site and begin collecting data automatically.


Analyze Data

View your data in beautiful ways. With fully customizable dashboards, you can focus on the results that matter most to you.


Take Action

Gain insights from the data analysis, and make high-impact changes. Then start the cycle again... improving each time.

Insights that matter

Get insights on user behavior

Upify helps you collect both hard and soft data on your users. So you can can get deeper insights into what they're doing, and what they want.

Data driven results

Improve your product or service

Get access to actionable data, then integrate this with your A/B testing and product development process to create engaging products.

Create your team

Invite teammates and clients

Collaborate on specific projects by inviting people to join your team. Perfect for sharing projects with colleagues and clients.

Quickly analyze data

Simple to understand analytics

Customize your dashboard exactly as you want, with our drag and drop UI. So you can focus on the results that are most important to you.