Visualise Your Users Journey

Visualise Every Step

Funnels give insights into where your users are dropping off along their journey, and how many are continuing at each step. User these to get a clear idea of what causes users to convert, and what doesn't.

Track Across Events

Our funnels provide advanced insights into what your users are doing as they move through your site. Easily create complex funnels that combine page, click and custom events to gain deeper user insights.

Include Historical Data

When a new funnel is created. It will automatically scan all your historical session data and include matches in your funnel, so you have data to analyze right away. No need to wait for future data to come in.

Flexible Funnels

Flexible funnels allow you to track users across events, even if the user path diverts between a matching event. These are more advanced than traditional funnels which reject the data if diversions are made.